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the dining room or kitchen place

the dining room
If you own a home with limited space and want to have a dining room for the family, it would not hurt if you create a design concept kitchen and dining room is simple (minimalist) who became one. Of course it can save the land.

Kitchen and dining room is often used as a single, due to factors other than the land area is inadequate, there is also the opinion so not complicated and far in preparing everything. Whatever your reason in making kitchen and dining room open so one aspect of hygiene is the most important thing.
 kitchen place
Here are a few examples of design drawings kitchen and dining room into one, hopefully with a collection of these images may be ideas and inspiration in building a future dream house. Well, you can see some of the collection of pictures that have admin post on this album, may be useful.

bird nest houses

bird nest houses
Amusement parks in the UK, Robin Hill Country Park will develop a house that resembles a bird's nest.

It was recognized by the tree house consultant, Blue Forest. Although not mentioned in detail how much money spent on developing the concept, but it is believed the project will spend millions of pounds.

The house will be 'bird's nest' giant reconnecting with the natural inhabitants. Later this house will be located at amusement parks Robin Hill Country Park, Isle of Weight, England.

As reported by Inhabitat, the amusement park was at least 13 or treehouses tree house will be built. These intricate designs inspired by birds Weaver.

"Each home will be positioned differently in the woods, there may be hollow. The house came with a similar shape but not the same," said Founder Blue Forest, Andy Payne.

Various types of natural stone

Various types of natural stone has been widely used as a material or ornamental decoration both interior and exterior residential. The use of natural stone for home decorating needs more and more popular and in demand in line with berkembanganya ideas on how to make housing into a beautiful and comfortable place for the whole family. Its use is not only limited to the floor or wall tiles. Currently, some types of natural stone are also in demand as a material to build the park and pond at home. The goal is of course to give a natural touch to the garden and pool and add aesthetic value for the beauty and comfort of a dwelling. Here we discuss the types of natural stone that you should know. 1) Batu Templek. 2) Stone Temple. 3) Stone Pacitoroso. 4) Batu Koral Brush. 5


Domestic Model Unique Minimalist

Domestic Model Unique Minimalist

Rarely wears minimalist home wood finishes, as well as to model the ladder. Minimalist home rely more on mild steel for the frame of the house, so no stairs. You can spend the cost of reaching ten million for the staircase minimalist model. Model stairs minimalist unlike ordinary staircase that more use of wood and walls.

Stairs minimalist home instead usually do not have a handle, even if there are no stairs made of either wood or walls of a foothold or handle. Using an iron grip over many small, could also be coupled with a touch of glass at the edge of the stairs with metal frame. Model ladder minimalist home also has a foothold thinner, not excessive wear a carving or a particular pattern


Comfortable Kids Beds

Comfortable Kids Beds

The beds will affect a person if they sleep soundly or not. Various types of beds have been widely circulated in the market but not everyone is happy with the bedding products market. Especially for Children, a child's bed should be tailored to the child's own preferences so that they remain deep sleep and linger in their rooms.

The beds are highly recommended for the child is a bed that is not too high and has a spring rate that is comfortable enough so that the child is able to freely move about freely. Do not choose a bed that is hard because it will make the child uncomfortable and often woke up when they were sleeping. Child's bed is not too high will keep the child fell while they were sleeping.


Parks Swimming Tiny in Minimalist

Parks Swimming Tiny in Minimalist

If you have the rest of the land there is no harm if used for a fish pond tiny and minimalist garden, maybe some of you all still have the rest of the land, both on the home front, the side, or back home confused to be used for, among solutions right is making a fish pond. The fish pond is usually synonymous with a garden gemricik sound of running water.

In addition to the functions that are so artistic tiny garden pond can also serve to conditioning the soul. You will feel calm and comfortable after seeing pond filled with fish are beautiful. In order to add artistic value fish pond, the fish selection that will fill the pool also determine the value of beauty, to fish in your garden pond, fish koi are suitable.

Koi fish pond depth is very important for the life of the koi fish. The good pool depth of more than 80 cm (section filled with water), so that the fish pond is protected from interference beasts of prey, pets such as cats and other animals that might destroy your fish. Fish pond deeper will also be helping to stabilize the water temperature caused by the scorching heat of the sun, cold weather in the night or in the rain.

Design park swimming


Fence Design Minimalist Home Gallery 2016

Fence Design Minimalist Home Gallery 2016

Fence Minimalist - A house that embraces the concept of minimalism, of course, the fence should have a minimalist design anyway. Special 2015, dwellings minimalist more and more popular. For a house that is designed specifically to have a minimalist form then everything should also embrace the concept of minimalism. From the design of the bedroom, living room, kitchen, garden, patio, and others including the fence.

Fences not only serves as a safety house of the crime, but the fence also plays an important role for the beauty and elegance of your home when seen from the outside. For it does not hurt if you come to think about the shape and design of your minimalist house fence. If you buy a house that is so typically fence also been designed in such a way by the contractor, but if the house you build for themselves using handyman services and you have not had time to think about the shape of the fence you will wake up, following the admin share some sample images minimalist house fence the best, and the latest by 2015.

Previous few tips for those of you who want to build a fence minimalist, you can choose the mix of concrete with iron or concrete blend with wood. If you pelihan fixed on the concrete fence with iron, the most suitable design is the arrangement of concrete clad with natural stone and is associated with iron bars with a beautiful shape. But if you were on the sweetness of the fence with wooden carvings nan artistic, you can choose a combination of concrete dibaluti natural stone connected with pieces of wood that is elegant or using wood as full as the buildings house the existing society island of gods of Bali or the like gadangnya home Minang people.

All course choice is yours as a homeowner, then the process is to stay in the match only with your artisan creations. Well, back again on our last kejanji, the following examples Fence Minimalist House Design Image Gallery is a great demand by 2015.
Fence design

Fence design

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