Small Home Designs 2016

Small Home Designs 2016

The terrace of the house is the front line of the appearance of the house, and a place where usually guests who come to just sit or wait. The terrace house can also be used for casual events like drinking tea or coffee. Terrace or commonly called the porch of the house can indeed be used for various functions in addition to relax and drink coffee. But sometimes overlooked the patio because the function is not very important. But actually terrace also has an important role to increase the beauty of the appearance of your home. One of them brings a different style terrace with someone else's house.

Usually people who have a minimalist style often forget the front or the terrace. But actually terrace house can function properly, but preserving the minimalist concept itself. Needless to chair expensive furniture, for a minimalist theme itself you can modify the wooden chairs that are not too expensive, or simple chair simple and not too expensive.

To support the terrace was good, it would be nice front porch by a small garden containing plants or potted flowers. Its function is to give the impression of calm and guyup. Chairs overlooking the garden will make people sit up feeling more peaceful and better views. For memodifkasi park for minimalist design no need to bother and spend a lot of budget, you can create a garden that is quite beautiful, but with a width that is not too large. Choose plants that have bright colors, or plants that are not too big for the appearance of your home look more loose. In addition, you can add to make it more shady vines

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27 Juni 2016 23.42

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